My Story

My interest in cars grew from a very early age and at aged 6,having seen an E -Type Jag I knew my future was in cars. At school  form teacher Mike Rodgers let myself and other students service the school mini bus, we started the unofficial school car club working on a rally cars and building engines. The 'homework' we produced was a 150mph MK1 Ford Escort RS2000, which had a turbocharged kit, marketed by mobelec electronic ignition, as a power upgrade for the 2L pinto engine.  

After leaving school I jointed Revolution Wheels, and raced with them. After leaving Revolution wheels I continued to race with Pat Manyan. I then had a stint as a mechanic on the London Buses, I then went to work for the Field Aircraft Services in Croydon building Hercules C130 Garrett Gas Turbine Compressors, then I realised I wanted to spend my future in motor sport. 


More details to follow